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Landgraab's Wonder Child Episode 8: Lot of the Rising Sun

Wednesday, April 08, 2015MarkArch

 Welcome back to wonder child challenge, the picture above and caption is definitely true. Coaching a children to swim doesn't do anything, well, it increase your relationship but who want relationship? We want skill! Hehe! I just make her play game and she finally finish rambunctious scamp. Oh yeah, Dandre is an elder now, yeay big deal!

After aspiration finishing we're going fishing. Okay that's a bad sage way but it's actually good to fish, not for food, but you can mount it and hang it in the wall to get confidence decoration thingy. Also if you may get an expensive one if you fish with bait. Fishing skill is also worth point..
 I make friend with the last friend she needed to, as you see I use the multitask feature to make her talk and play chess. it also doesn't hurt to use some mischievous interaction.because there are some harmless one, but it doesn't really matter if you use one or two bad mischievous interaction as long as it's still say casual conversation and both of them are happy.
As usual, my trick is to get the relationship bar to a certain level and go home and chat in the computer. Technology, even in the sims games technology is shadowing "real" relationship. Finally, I finished her social butterfly aspiration,.that means she finished all her aspiration 3 days before her birthday.
You see, you might wonder what to do after I finished all her aspiration. Well, it's definitely not resting, I've tried this before and I'm going to try it again. I'm going to almost max one skill. What skill is it? Well, at first we need to prepare another health potion and more zzz potion, as Rose finally finish her painting aspiration so she's the one providing the zzzz potion.
You might recognize this place. Why am I going to this place?
Well because the last skill she needed to master is piano skill and I knew I could go to the club to play it but this place has better decoration and it means boost for inspiration.

I'm not just maxing a skill but I actually also writing 3 unfinished songs, why unfinished? Well, that's for next time on Landgraab's Wonder Child Challenge. Here are several videos of Farah playing piano. See you in her birthday party.

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