Wonder Child

Landgraab's Wonder Child Episode 7: Wasting Time

Monday, April 06, 2015MarkArch

I almost finished the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration, it's just need a couple more motor skill and more hanging in the monkey bar.  The most efficient way level up motor skill is actually by being energized while playing typing game as she also gain video gaming skill for that.

But I'm too lazy to have another loading screen, and usually in the morning children actually came here. Rose met Dandre and Philip when she skipped school to play with the jungle gym. I hope the same for her because she needs 3 children friends.
But nope, there isn't any child coming to the park, I actually wasting so much time by waiting but at least she almost finished maxing her motor skill, but I think she would be completing her aspiration if she was to go back home and playing typing game because I can make her do energized shower boost her motor skill and also gain some video gaming skill. I'm going back home to make some more health potion and then go to a different park.
Finally, I've met two children, only two! Welp, at least I'm doing the dancing and socializing trick. It might not be efficient since some of the time the interaction is interrupted for some dance move but at least she's gaining some other skill as socializing with kids couldn't give you as much interaction that can boost charisma skill, I think. I actually don't have to make her a friend, but only to certain amount.
After going home it's actually night time (man I've wasted too much time already). Because of her night owls traits give the skill boost moodlets at night, I have to use that to gain some other skills so it's not going to waste as I already waste so much time. I think I'm going to go with charisma because it's one of the skill that you almost doesn't realize was there.
 After the night owl moodlet is gone I tried to make her chat with that two friends and it's my best way of gaining friends because talking to real sims have a risk of your sims being awkward or bored which will reduce the relationship gain. Still, I need to keep her in high mood because it can also boost relationship.
After that I have her to play typing games to raise her skill motor skill, but this time I made her focus because it's easier to get her to be very focused than very energized, also I almost maxed motor skill and it's time for her to gain adult skill. But I think I should've gone energized this time because even after morning came she haven't maxed her motor skill yet.
And that's all for today, I know it's kind of boring as nothing really happened. At least she almost finished the last two aspiration but I think I saw you some of how not to do wonderchild hehe, next time I promise she'll be finished with the aspiration. But now she just need to drink her zzzz and health potion. BYE!

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