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SGAS Watcher Autonomous Day 1: Autonomous Hugs

Wednesday, March 18, 2015MarkArch

No one is autonomously sleeping so I do the "Make The Household" happy cheat, and after not being so tired and non hygienic, serenity tried out the gym, not sure if she's trying to get dirty again to troll me, I can do the mailbox cheats forever darling ehehe!

The pie is gone, well there's one spoiled one!
Everyone is still talking in the living room full of Dr. Jasmine's aura of happiness
Willow and Jamie share some interesting stuff, I bet they're talking about S-GAS event coming up
Those sequence are my favorite, I don't even need a caption to describe what happened!
First autonomous hugs, someone is making friends
I mean it's not awkward or something!

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  1. I like the way Sims 4 sims will start to socially interact with other sims without the player's direction, but I have found that they will only do basic interactions that way, (which is nice for story telling and having some control over the game) and I have noticed they often have boring conversations when left on auto-pilot. I see Jes2G's sim pestered someone on her own, it seems like there are more autonomous mischievous actions programmed in than others.

  2. I like that sequence too.


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