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Wednesday, March 18, 2015MarkArch

After some of the other people do their S-GAS session, the S-GAS Watcher session finally begin. I wish it can be at least as good as the other S-GAS session. So if you don't know what S-GAS until now, probably because you found this blog on google search or forum other than the official The Sims 4 Forum or maybe because other reason, S-GAS is The Simposium for Game Aware Sims. This is where a game aware sims gather to talk and do other fun thing together.
All S-GAS watcher participant
I decided to host this one particular event without knowing how to host a sims event. Luckily, my session happen later than some of the other session which I intended so I can see how other writers write their session. Hopefully it'll help me finally for this session.

The Watcher

So what is the Watcher anyway? Well, it's started from the sims medieval where I think is the only sims game that include religion into it's own mechanic. So there are two religion introduced in The Sims Medieval but both of them worship the same kind of deity called the watcher. So how "The Watcher" is perceived by the sims in the game? It is said that the watcher watch every sims but they're too "stupid" in doing their job so to repair this the Watcher need to "choose" a great men and women that is called Hero. In the game Hero is the only person than can be controlled by the player, the rest are NPC. This very much show how the watcher have some similarity with the player itself.

So how is this relate to being game aware? Well, sometimes after the sims medieval The Sims community, even though they're not really mentioned in any other sims franchise, pretty much refer themselves as "the watcher" to their relation with their sims. When some writers or other simmers who behave as their sims always refer the watcher as their savior. Sims, instead of saying "Thanks God", are usually portrayed to say "Thanks The Watcher" when they're in a state of relieve.

So is all sims who believe in watcher is also a game aware sims. Well here is where we're going to find out about that by using other sims from other save files they'll try to discover them all.

Story Introduction

Before reading all the SGAS Post, I recommend you to see all the SGAS Watcher Introduction, it will contain the back story for all the host and presenter. This is the chronological order of the intro!

1. Evan Fletcher Special: R.E.F.U.G.E 
Evan found a letter from the medieval time that make him question his disbelieve of watcher.
2. Rose Fletcher Special: Go Home Now
Rose goes to a haunted house with the Gnome Kicker to find something else!
3. Rose Fletcher Special: Game Aware
Rose learn a lot about being game aware.
4. SGAS Special: Dr. Jasmine
Evan invite Dr Jasmine to become one of the presenter at S-GAS Watcher
5. Mark Archy Special: Mermaid Magic
SimSelf Mark have to do something to the Landgraab to fulfill Evan Request
6. SGAS Special: Wance Rider
A randomly generated townie sims Wance Rider question his watcher's exinstence
7. SGAS Special: Host and Presenter
All the presenter met to start Hosting the session

The Event

So, S-GAS watcher session will be divided to 3 event:

Do You Believe in Watcher will be presented by Fletcher Legacy Challenge generation 2 heir, Evan Fletcher who is also the host of this event and being co-presented with a random generated townie Wance Rider. It will be about sims' believe with the watcher and how much they understand about the basic concept of watcher itself.

Return to The Netherworld will be presented by Evan's future daughter Rose Fletcher who can't see ghost and my simself Mark Archy who are really familiar with death. Both of them will try to give the understanding of life and death of sims. They'll also help to understand what really happen after the sims death with the help of the participant.

And the last event is The Watcher in You which will be guest presented by Dr Jasmine Gooding from one of CathyTea's great series Dr Jasmine's Casebook. Here she will talk with the participant about using the watcher inside them to fulfill their own desire.

At the End

That's all I can talk, I'm sorry for no Fletcher Legacy Jokes, my power is at my speech buble only. Talking about The Fletcher Legacy, I will postpone the finale to the end of march so it won't be confusing since I will be spamming so many SGAS post starting today.  I'll make sure it will be at the same quality of entertainment as the Fletcher Legacy, or maybe even better. If you can't wait for the event to start, well, you're in luck because I have a slideshow for you from all the participant below! It's all autonomous, no pause (unless necessary), and all in tab mode.

See you later then!

Created with flickr slideshow.

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