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SGAS Watcher: Autonomous Day 1: Mark's popular pie!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015MarkArch

I start the tab mode here, I won't see any UI ever, I'll only get out of tab mode and pause if necessary. This is unable me to cancel any interaction which make this as autonomous as it can be! I won't even know what kind of conversation they're doing!
Jamie and Sarafina the only two who is going outside
I don't know what are they two doing but I'm guessing they're scheming! But this is the first Autonomous conversation!

The only fun thing to do in Landgraab house is the TV. I don't know what happen to serenity, she better get to shower soon!
Jessica go straight to the kitchen to eat Mark's never spoiled pie! Jamie also attracted to it's delicious smell!

Willow and Bill is conversing
Oh yeah, Geofrey is haunting the house!
I can't believe Malcolm is still here, even though I already split the household

Mark's Pie is quite popular!

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