Evan Fletcher Fletcher Legacy Challenge

Gen 2, Episode 1: Move On

Tuesday, November 04, 2014MarkArch

It's evan's birthday this saturday morning but he is still very sad about his dad also his breakup with Leilani. He even paint the whole house with sad painting making him even more sad. If there is dead of sadness he'll dead by now. That how sad Evan is.

Because he doesn't have any brother he is now the heir of his legacy by default. Just when he grow up he feel something about art. He still dream to be living in the big mansion though.
Everything seem to go very fast, he remember his first kiss with Leilani that night. He also remember that was his father idoa that make them even closer together. But now they're apart. He felt so guilty about what he said about forcing her to age up. It seems that the world is so unfair for him.

Well at least someone is happy though. It's also Nico's birthday today, He is even okay sharing their birthday cake with evan, because he don't really want to celebrate.
Hoping to feel better, he goes to the bar drink his feeling away. He met with a random women, he doesn't even remember her name.
"Hai, are you okay? You seem very sad!"
"I don't know, I think everything bad is always happening to me!"

"Well, I just lost my dad"

"Oh, I'm sorry for that"

"That's not even the worst thing, the day before my dad passed away, my promised to be wed girlfriend broke up with me"

"Well, you look to young to be married anyway."

"I don't know, she's so perfect, even though it looks like she just like me because I always buy something for her and always angry at anything small, but still"

"It looks like you're not the problem, she is, I think you should move on, to be honest, she doesn't even deserve you! You're a smart guy, you can do it"

Nico is worried about Evan. He came to pick evan up, in case he's too drunk to go home.
Until she met a beautiful women in the street named Ashly Babb in the street.

"Hey do you see my brother, he look just like me"

"No you look gorgeous by the way!"

"Really? nobody have said that before about me! Wanna grab some drink?"

"Okay I'm up for it"

And then they both go to the juice bar, he did find Evan in there but Evan was already going home. I guess there's nothing to worry about him.

Evan is not going home alone, she's with a recently fired maid named -, well Evan also forget her name. They're both sad but It actually work really great.

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  1. LOL, that must have been SOME woo hoo! She looks like she's in pain lol.


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