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Gen 2, Episode 8: Biting the Vampire (My Oldman's Trick part 3)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014MarkArch

 It's such a beautiful day in willowcreek, Mike was painting a classic paintingoutside with Evan his father who is now elder mentoring him. Mike had grown to be a good teenager as he had always been when he was child. He enjoy the presence of other good people around and love to donate a lot of money to a charity, which make her mom really mad at him.
The relationship between Mike and his dad had became closer as ever. He would've even been his father's best friend if his mom wasn't already his father's best friend.
Everyone would love them to be a very close friend except maybe Rose. She's afraid that it would be more beneficial on Mike for him to become the new heir.
She won't stop at everything before she bacame the heir of this legacy.
Rose might really wanted to become heir, but one thing she also want is Dandre. It's been several days that they were dating, and as Rose is a romantic sim, she can't resist the connection between two of them.
But there's always one catch though, Mike's prank last episode might be failed to make three of them to be in awkward relationship between Rose, Dandre, and Philip, but it still is very awkward between two of them and Philip. That's why Dandre is either comes early to meet rose or he left lastly so he can avoid being romantic in the presence of Philip. They don't want to make them as a third wheel, as they have been friend just like forever.
But secrets can't be kept for long as they are really obviously in the midst of teenager's hormonal overload. Philip caught them making out.
Mike: "Oh, sorry I thought you said we're gonna have a dance party!"
Rose: "No, no, we just, waiting for you"
Mike: "Yeah, I can see that"
Dandre: "Let me explain first"
Mike: "No, I'm okay with it, why wouldn't I, I mean, we're still friends right?"
Dandre: "Yeah we're still friends"
Rose: "I mean Dandre and I...are.."
Dandre: "Yeah, we can hang out, with you.."
Mike: "Wow, if it's okay for you two I'm okay, it's don't let it destroy our friendship"

The awkward moment conversation keep continue but their friendship are still going great. It's even better for them not to keep any secrets from Philip as it would not be a good thing for their immortal friendship.
Rose have been a lot flirty lately, especially that she and Dandre is officially boyfriend and girlfriend they have been flirting a lot. They're still young and naive, as they will figure out what they actually want in their life it's not a bad idea to having fun with your boyfriend. At least that's what Rose have been thinking.
And the adults are also still romantic still this days. Leilani and Evan have still going on a lot of date. Especially Leilani that is not afraid to express her love to Evan. Even though Evan had turn as an elder, it doesn't mean that she can't spend her life with her soulmate.
There's a time when you can't fulfill your aspiration just because time won't allow it. She is not allowed to enter the culinary career even though she is actually willing to sacrifice her school just to start of as assistant dishwasher. Well it can't be help, she just had to wait until she graduate.

But one thing Rose is capable of is destroying someone's dream. She's planning to make evan stop pursuing on becoming an heir using her mischievous skill that is really high.
She also know that Mike is too much of a good that he won't ever try to have any revenge on her mischievousness and she also know that he's a real crybaby, and that's enough for Rose to finish those mission.
She then performed her action.
She kept throwing all the bad thing she know about Mike and using that as a way to let him know that this legacy challenge is not for him at all, that the stake are too high for Mike to sail through. Mike just kept nodding and let her talk what she want. Mike had been almost immune for her talk, it might have been because she had done this to him as long as he can remember.
Her plan might not have been working at the time but it got Mike thinking in the next morning. Especially that it even got him a nightmare about the legacy.
But Evan saw through Mike's feeling. He even ask him to go to the easel. Mike is still confused. Why is this easel the solution?
Evan: "Well, you might have been very sad right now, but men when I was young this legacy stuff is driving me nuts. I was so excited to become the new heir that I force your mom to age up with me. Of course she broke up with me!"
Mike: "Wow, that must be sad"
Evan: "Well, your grandpa died a day after that in my birthday, there's nothing can beat that sadness.
Mike: "Yeah, you must be super duper sad, but what it's got to do with this easel?
Evan: "Put a cavas on it"
Mike: "What?"
Evan: "Just put it on!"
Mike: "Okay, so you want me to paint, I'm in no mood of doing this."
Evan: "No, That's the best mood you could have, if you look at all my painting, some of them are from my dark moment"
Mike: "So I put my emotion into this painting?"
Evan : "Exactly!"
After some stroke on the canvas.
Evan: "How does it feel?"
Mike: "I'm still feeling sad!"
Evan: "It's not supposed to make you feel any better, but look at the painting.
Mike: "Wow, it looks a lot better than any of my painting, I can see it now, thank you dad!"
Evan: "Your welcome!"
And it was Evan's first excellent painting.
Rose just had a nap, but when she woke up, she is feeling really flirty. She tried to make some of cupid drink but it's even make her even more flirty. So, he called Dandre in the middle of the night. Luckily he's still awake so he could make it over.

Rose is offering him the cupid juice too, and of course Dandre had no idea what it does.
Hearing all the drink making Leilani her mom woken up. It's such in a bad time for Rose because she's planning on something.
Not wanting to get disturbed she ask him to go outside on a special place.

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