Evan Fletcher Fletcher Legacy Challenge

Gen 2, Episode 5: Gnome Kicker

Tuesday, November 18, 2014MarkArch

Rose didn't really feel like going home after school that day. She goes to the park by herself without telling anyone home about it.
There she met Philip Broster who immediately greet her right away. He really is a very nice kid.

He also introduced her to his friend Dandre Banks. Dandre is an active kids.

Philip: "Hey, Dandre, meet Rose, she's new in here"
Dandre: "Hey, Rose, I'm Dandre. Nice to meet you"
Rose: "Nice to meet you too!"

After that they played after school almost everyday at the park. It's always a really good day for them to be having fun. It's really good for Rose especially all she wanted to do before becoming a teen is to become the brats around the neighborhood. No kids in the neighborhood seemed to play in the park anymore since three of them started taking over the school.
There's one day when all of the group is feeling really rebellious, especially rose.

Rose: "Anybody think the park is really boring?"
Philip: "No, why? It's pretty fun to me"
Rose: "I mean do we really have to play pirates everyday."
Dandre: "I feel a little bit boring yeah, we should go to Oasis Spring's park, they have space stuff in there"
Rose: "No, I have a better Idea, why don't we go to a bar or something!"
Philip: "What? No?"
Rose: "Come on, they have a really good music in there!"
Dandre: "Yeah, we can finally dance there"
After a long talk they finally convinced Dandre to go to the Club.
Philip: So what now?
Rose: Now we dance!
Dandre: Yeah, now we dance!
Philip: "I'm sure we're going to get groinded"
Dandre: "Come on! Don't ruin the fun!"
And all of them finally dancing out of control. Little that they know Evan was going to that bar that time.
Dandre was just running away after he saw Rose's dad coming. Philip was being very responsible and decided to stay with Rose.
Philip: "Please, don't tell my mom about this"
Rose: "Yeah, he's the only one waring me to not go there"
Evan: "But you did it anyway!"
Rose: "Come on dad, we just wanted to dance"
Evan: "Well stay here I'll text your mom, she'll decide how grounded you are, you know how mad she can be!"
Evan expected Leilani to be angry at Rose, but instead she's okay with it. She even asked Evan to buy her a stereo.
Evan: "Wait, I think your mom is pregnant I gotta go home, she's been acting very weird lately"
Rose: "So I'm not grounded?"
And Evan go home right away also buying a new stereo for the house.
Rose: "That was close"
Philip: "Huh, I was pretty sure he's going to ground you and tell my mom to ground me too"
Rose: "Well, I got a new stereo at home, we should go dance at home some times.
Evan was right about Leilani, she was pregnant this whole time. After the time has come, another new eligible heir was born. He named him Mike Fletcher.
And for Rose, she's really happy for the new stereo. Even though she's still going out after some other club to dance. Well, she's always going to be a rambunctious scamp.

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  1. So these are the famous gnome kickers!

    1. Yaaay, I'm glad that you finally met them! They're such a cute little kid!


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