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Gen 2, Episode 4: Ghost Update!

Monday, November 17, 2014MarkArch

Nico Battle had passed away. He might be just his "half" brother, but Evan is really sad about Nico's death. He have been a really good brother, friend, and also a good parent for Evan. His sadness even inspire him to create his first masterpiece.

It was not long after the tragedy, Evan and Leilani's baby was born healthy. He named him Rose Fletcher because she is as beautiful as her name. She make Evan really happy even after the sad moment that was happened several days ago.

Nico's daughter had also born. Evan and Leilani decided that they'll become her godparents. They named her Sheila.
Rose was finally able to leave the crib she was in when she's still a baby. She always came to bring laugh to their family.
But seeing how active Rose are, Evan decided to plop a new house so there are more room for their big family. Not only for their family, Evan also happy about the new house he flopped as Evan really dreaming of living in a giant mansion, Even though it's still a long way to go.
Evan and Nico have been very romantic lately. They've been going to a lot of date, a lot of date that end with heart shape sprinkle in their bed. Everybody in the town even called them a soulmate. Well that's true since they've never seen fighting before. That until Leilani really crazy about some crazy stuff in her head.
She stormed of to Evan about something really simple like woohoo technique even though they have always satisfied each other on that area.
"Why do love seeing painting so much, am I not as beautiful as the painting?"
"No, you look more beautiful than any painting I've ever paint, some of the flirty painting even inspired after, you know, we did it?"
"I'm sorry the house is just so full of painting it makes me feel this crazy feeling about them"
"That's okay honey"
"So we're still soul-mates right?"
"Of course!"
Sheila had also grown so fast. She apparently love red so much she wear anything red all over. They even became closer to each other.
Rose and her mom even have also became closer to each other.
Leilani: "You're like the best daughter ever"
Rose: "You too are like the best mom ever"
It was October 1st, and the night becoming darker, the wind breezing cold,  and something must happen to the urn room. Ashly was eating her supper and sheila is watching the TV when the screen suddenly show Al-Simhara, even though Sheila is clearly watching a kids network.

The painting move by itself, the sink broke, and one of the serving is missing. And then a green creature appeared.

It was Cody and Marley's ghost.

"Who are you two? Where the hell is this?" Cody said confused seeing everything around him have changed while also eating Ashly's Mac and Cheese.

"I believe you are Cody Fletcher and Marley Battle" Ashly answered with a slight frightened tone. Sheila is scared so much she can't even look at both of the ghost.

"How do you know our name? I've never met you before" Marley said even more confused.

"Evan and Nico told me all about you"

"Where is Evan?" Cody asked hoping to see.

"He's still sleeping should I call him?"

"No, he won't believe what you said anyway!"

"So where's Nico?" asked Marley

"I'm sorry! He passed away days ago! But haven't you seen him in netherworld? The grim asked me to release his spirit"

"Oh no! We never decided to go there it's too cold and they say there's no meat in there"

"Who are this people anyway?" asked Sheila not being afraid anymore seeing her mom and the ghosts seem to be friendly at each other.

"Well, this is Cody and Marley Evan's parent, and Marley is also your dad's mother"

"So she's my grand mother?"

"Oh you're so beautiful my cute grand children"
Leilani heard the noise outside. He woke evan up but he's still fast asleep. Rose have also woken up. When Leilani found out that it was Evan's parents she sit and the couch and start conversing with them. She's really glad to meet them.

"Hey who are you talking too?" Rose asked. She seem so confused about this.

"Well, they're your grandparents"

"Who? I don't see anybody, Mom I think you're insane"

"I know I'm a little bit insane but they really are here! I'm not talking to myself"

"Well you always do, especially when you're eating alone!"

"Don't worry I'm just going back to my grave" Marley said sadly. She's such a family oriented ghost, knowing that both her son and granddaughter couldn't see her was hurting her feeling.
"Go apologize to your grandparents!" Leilani ask her really angryly

"What? I have to apologize to my dead grandmother for not being able to see a ghost that doesn't exist?"

"Just go apologize to her urn now!"

Rose then went to the urn feeling really angry about her mom insanity! She can't believe that she had to do this. She said her apology sceptically to the urns.

That was the last time we see Cody and Marley wandering in the living world!

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