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Gen 3 Episode 13: Angry Ex-fiancée

Wednesday, July 08, 2015MarkArch

 After Rose and Dandre left the legacy to be on wonder child challenge, the house became very silent. Mike never approve of her leaving the legacy house, especially for the infamous landgraab evil corporation but Rose did it anyway. Having her leave isn't the worst thing of all! Now that there's more space in the room, Mike can finally try to have another baby, and in several days her wife Hannah was pregnant.

Judd never wanted to be an heir because of his hatred of children. This is possibly the best thing that could ever happened to Judd. Now that the pressure have been lifted from his shoulder he finally decided to finish his story he'd ever wanted to write. He hopes for being the best writer ever and it definitely paid off!

Judd have been awarded with more than 3 willow creek best seller award and being the one of the youngest teenager to have 3 best seller in a row which is very impressive. He almost earned more royalty money than his father who is now at level 9 at his career. Not having to be an heir made him more creative. The inspiration just flow through his head every time he's in front of the computer!


Rose was not the only one who have to leave the legacy house. Theo and his husband were going to move to Oasis Spring having their own live there. He didn't want to bring his husband into the legacy house because he think that it's the best for them to move away from legacy drama. He's not going to be an heir anyway.

Sad thing for Theo was that this  was going to be the first time he separated from his twin brother Gino. It's not the he's worried about leaving him because he's for sure going to visit the legacy house all the time. He's just worried about leaving Gino alone.

 Just after Theo left the legacy house, he went to the bar. Gino didn't actually drink a lot because he's worried about his muscle so much. He went to the bar to get another treat! Gino is such an enchanting person, everyone he greet will instantly fall in love with him! It's not the muscle or the face, it's just the unseen force he's able to do with several interaction.

Gino would find any girl he met at the bar and bring her home and the next day a different person. It didn't even had to be a different day, it could be just any time of hte day. Especially with no Theo around him anymore, he became unstoppable. It's started from just being an amore amateur, romance juggler, until the ultimate serial romantic.

He even found himself being in a weird relationship with her the person he was about to married but left in the middle of eloping process. Marlotte. They hate each other but definitely is okay being romantic together. The burning romantic desire cannot be quelled, even if they definitely hate each other so much.

Rose and Theo's departure is definitely shaping a new atmosphere around the legacy house. This can either be a good thing like arrival of a new member or it can be something else we're about to see! Whatever is that, it can never be the same.

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