Evan Fletcher Fletcher Legacy Challenge

Gen 2 Finale, Episode 12: Big Brother

Thursday, December 04, 2014MarkArch

Evan and Leilani have been married like forever. Leilani might be insane, materialistic, and hot headed, Evan still love her no matter what she is. Leilani even finished her soul mate aspiration and now trying to become a good home cook for her family. It is undeniable that Evan’s life might be over soon.

Mike is also really worried about his dad. Not only because it's going to be the end of legacy soon but he knew that his only friend is his father. So he decided to start befriending the twins. One of a time of course. So he decided to get to Gino first.

Mike had been trying to befriend Gino. Even though all Gino was talking about was his body but it doesn't actually matter for him as he is such a good listener. Gino is also doesn't care about Mike's whining about life as he was always energetic he almost never brought down by any of Mike's melancholy thought.

Philip visited Rose's place as everybody is going to work. There's a lot of things he needed to share with Rose and Dandre. But Dandre isn't home as he's still at his gig, so it's only Rose.

Philip was so worried about his future after he impregnate Sheila. It’s not like he didn’t want to be responsible, it’s just that he is not really ready to be a father.
Rose: "You know what is the best thing of them all?"
Philip: "What?"
Rose: "It's mean we're just more than friends now, we're a family and family will support each other. Just always come to me if you need to say something."
Philip: "That help I guess"
Rose: "Well let me get you a drink, I made it myself"
It might be teenage hormone but Gino had been behaving weird lately. He showed his muscle to everyone that came in the house.He might have done this to all of his high school friend. 
Even Theo is already tired of seeing him talking about his muscle.
As he becoming more and more annoying, everybody started to avoiding him.
Dandre had been living in the legacy house for several days now. It's really clear that he starts becoming friends with every single Fletcher boys. Especially that Mike used his painting money to buy him and rose's new room. It might not only for both of them especially that he actually get his old room all by himself as the twins had their old room back too.
 Dandre even understand what Gino had been going through as he's also an athletic sims and love his body as much as Gino does. He gave him a really good advice as for what really important is that you only need to show your muscle to one person once only.

Mike is now an young adult, even though he do still do not feel like one. As he finished his 10th excellent painting with his father's help, he finally achieve his third milestone making him in the lead of everyone as Rose haven't get her promotion especially that she had too many day off.
Gino, Theo, and Mike had then became a really good friend to each other. Especially that Dandre is a part of them now. It's actually rather strange to him what Rose his fiance always told him about them.
So he tried to talk to Rose about them.
Dandre: "What is happening with you and your brothers, they seem a lot nicer than you're telling me."
Rose: "Well, there's something you didn't know that changes everything"
Dandre: "Well whatever it is, it isn't worth it.
Rose: "Well, I know"
Dandre: "So what is it then?"
Rose: "I think they already hate me too much."
Dandre: "Since when are you afraid of being hated, come on, I thought you always confident of yourself."
Rose: "Well, fine, I'll do it, just because you asked me to"
It's finally time for Evan to go. But he's so proud that all of their children is finally getting along.
 As for the new heir it seems like Mike is the clear winner as the only one who finished his third aspiration milestone he became the true heir of Fletcher Legacy with Rose, Gino, and Theo became the spare.

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