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Gen 3 Episode 8: PlumboLamadiokside

Saturday, February 28, 2015MarkArch

Everyone in the legacy house is so happy that Hannah is home. They had a good meal, the dishes and the kitchen are cleaned, also a nice little baby named Judd Fletcher is born. She's not a buttler anymore but she still loves doing all the thing she'd done for the last time she was here. She dedicated herself to be a full time housewife.
Deciding to be a full time housewife proven to be a really good thing for Judd as he grew up to become a really good children. He's a little bit lazy as he always had everything he needed provided for him but that make him more focused on his aspiration.
Shea was finally grown up and turned into a beautiful young teenager. She's skinny like her mother and muscular like her father. She also have a desire to build a family garden outside as she can finally learn gardening. She also work part time to become a nanny in the weekend.

Because she's much taller, she can finally ask something she can't have when she's a teenager, her mom's famous Zebra Fizz.
Having a really good parents is definitely a good thing for Judd as the first day he come home from school, he already changed his grade to B after having being energized to school and achieved two level two children skill.
 Though he still love a very good night either if it's in bed
... in the sofa,..
 ..or even in bathtub as long as everything is comfortable.
Still, that habit of napping didn't make him neglecting his duty as a student and children. That's because his mom is always beside him when he needed her. She help him with homework, accompanied him in a chess practice, and read him a book.
Because her mom loves reading him book, he started to read one by himself and start loving it. It's start with his obsession start with fairy tales, then mystery, and even romantic novel. Maybe he'll be a writer himself one day.
Not only her mom that give him a lot of attention and care, even though have a busy live in the astronaut career, his dad shared his love of swimming with his son too. Judd might not like swimming as much but he love spending quality time with his dad.
As to fulfill his own aspiration, he also don't forget to increase his mental skill. As a father who knows what his son needed he provide him with a new alchemy set for him to do some experiment.
His parents already give him all he needed, but they didn't forget to teach him a valuable life lesson too so he can be a good sims when he grew up.
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