Fletcher Legacy Challenge Generation 3

Gen 3 Episode 7: Wedding Suit

Monday, February 23, 2015MarkArch

Mike had finally made a decision to meet Hannah at Monte Vista hoping that he can convince her to come back. He goes to Monte Vista early in the morning so he can arrive there at noon. Shea also join him because she also missed Hannah.

His arrival at her house was not welcomed well. Her father is still mad about what he just did to her daughter. He won't let Mike to meet Hannah. But after talking and geting to know each other, he finally knew that Mike is a good sims. He then let him in to talk to Hannah.
When Shea saw Hannah she immediately hug her and said that she missed her. Mike stare at her giving her a clue that he had something to say to Hannah. Shea just sit and hoping for the best for them. When Hannah saw Mike his expression turn cold.
"Why are you here? You are supposed to be dealing with your legacy" Hannah said it with unfriendly tone.
"Just hear me first!"
He knelt down and took something from his pocket.
"What is this?" Hannah asked in confused. He then reveal the ring.
"Will you marry me!"
When she saw the wedding ring she just can't think anything but to approve the proposal. It's been her long time dream to get married and have her own family. Mike plan is working pretty well.
This have been a surprising moment for Hannah. She can't believe it actually going to end up this good.
"Oh, I can't wait until the wedding day"
"You don't have to wait, we're going to have the wedding now!"
"Wait what? Now? Why so fast?"
"I think our child deserve to be a legitimate heir, if we get married now, she/he/they won't be born out of wedlock"
"Well, but the wedding party is here? Are you serious, what about the caterer. the guest, other thing?"
"I already handle it"
Mike only invited his family. Hannah also called some of her neighbor to come. It might be done in a hurry, but everything seem to be working fine.

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