Fletcher Legacy Challenge Generation 3

Gen 3 Episode 6: Voodoo Doll

Saturday, February 21, 2015MarkArch

After a couple of weeks working at the Fletcher Legacy House, Hannah is now back to Monte Vista again. She decided not to work there anymore especially that Mike Fletcher, the current heir of Fletcher Legacy can never be able to make her children the next heir as it is conceived outside of marriage. At least that's what they think (see rules).

Even though quite a surprise for her parents to see her coming back pregnant, they're also happy to welcome Hannah back.
Everyone felt horrible after Hannah's departure. Especially Shea who have no idea why did she have to go this fast.
Shea know that she missed her family so she need to visit and Shea learned that family should always be priority and she'll be back once she. What she didn't know is that Hannah might not be going to come back forever.
 "Are you okay?" that is what everybody said to Mike after Hannah left. Even though he's pretty sad about her going away, he's dealing with it pretty well. Although everybody was worried about him not dealing this with a lot of tears like usual. He's a gloomy sims afterall.
 That makes Shea suspicious. There have to be something wrong with Mike being cheered up when he's not really that sad and no one cheered him when he's in his melancholy mood.
She then asked Mike about her suspicious and he won't answer, but he told her that it was her mom's that suggested him to evict Hannah from the house. Now she realized that Hannah might never be able to come back at the legacy house.
So she confronted her mother about this. Even though Mike have never lied to anyone she still need to hear everything from her mom. So she confronted her.
Her mom finally told her about everything, the legacy, the heir, Hannah's pregnancy, and everything she need to know. Shea might not understand about everything her mom said but one thing she knew is that it's wrong to evict someone because of some legacy rules especially if she's carrying her new little cousin.
Shea asked Mike to accompany her to go to a picnic in a park. Her mission is to convince Mike to bring Hannah back.
With her high social skill, she's convince him to go to Monte Vista and because Mike don't really agree with it at the first place so he decided to give it a try. (yeah lazy writing I haven't been writing for a while!)
Will Mike be able to convince Hannah to come back? Tune in next episode of Fletcher Legacy. (Credit Roll)

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